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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 30, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news. another east bay child wounded by gunfire. police are trying to find the shooter and learn what may have prompted violence. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> three days now, three shootings in east bay all involving children. and the latest happened just this afternoon in antioch. a 7-year-old boy, attending a family bbq was hit. we get more on developing story from ktvu's jade hernandez live in oakland where that young boy is being treated tonight and
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she has new information on just where this gunfire came from. >> reporter: hartsfield-jacksoni cs threw that 7-year-old boy to the hospital earlier this evening. we have whopper video of the helicopter arriving as children as hospital. hospital antioch police a the little boy is going to be all right. police are concerned how the shooter wound this boy. investigator say someone fired multiple gunshots into this home around 4:30 this afternoon during a family bbq. the 7-year-old was visiting with his family from out of town. no one else was hurt. investigators say the shooter fired the rounds from an area near the g street over crossing which can be seen from the backyard area. police have not made any arrest, but since thursday, oakland, richmond and now
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antioch have shyoung children rushed to children's hospital with gunshot wound. for now, antioch police are investigating this particular incident, but the good news is that little boy is going to be all right. a tearful scene in sonar's mission district after police say a 19-year-old college student was gunned down near his home. police have not released the victim's name. however, a friend identified the victim as a graduate student studying at lewis & clark university. police say words were exchanged and the shooter opened firement one man who lives in the mission says even though he was mugged two weeks ago, he feels relatively safe in the neighborhood. >> this is historically one of the centers of the two mission gangs, and so i don't feel like there is an mossity between them and the neighborhood in general. i feel like they keep to
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themselves. >> officers were in the neighborhood collecting surveillance video from nearby restaurants and markets to see if that will help them location the. park police are investigating a shooting that left a man injured near san francisco's fort mason. soarings say they got a report of shots fired around 9:00 last night. minute later a man with leg wounds walked into the pub at ghiradelli square asking for help. he expected to be okay. police say there is no suspect in custody. there are new developments tonight in a fatal shooting at bay fair bart station that happened earlier this year. man suspected of killing a bystander has now been arrested. bart police say 18-year-old jabrie bennett was arrested in oakland yesterday. police called him their main suspect in the death of 50-year- old kenneth seets. investigators say seets was shot while two gangs engaged in a gunbattle at the bare fair station in san
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leandro on january 19th. two other suspects were arrested about a week after that shooting. an off-duty firefighter is being credited with rescuing a wheelchair-bound woman from an east bay house fire. it happened about 4:30 this afternoon in pleasant hill. fire official say the flames starts in the garage and moved into the home through the attic, collapsing the roof in the kitchen. three people were home when the fire started. >> there were people in the house and they were being evacuated by someone who identified himself a lieutenant in the fire department. we're not sure who that is, but there was three people in the house and one was an invalid confined to a wheelchair so certainly good work. authorities are looking for two bay area men now named as suspects in the theft more than $1 million in gold. the sisikyou county sheriff's office issued warrant for 49- year-old david
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johnson of el cerrito and 51- year-old scott bailey of el sobrante. officials say the thieves took gold from the historic collection at the county courthouse in yreka. they believe the two suspects sold the gold to buy luxury items. we are on storm watch tonight and some areas are dealing with rain right now. it also rained off and on earlier today, but there were also periods like where it cleared up, like in this picture a double rainbow in san francisco this evening. this was the view of san francisco from oakland and our ktvu roof camera captured the sun setting over the city skyline. tonight there was lightning in some areas. one of our san francisco cameras captured a few flashes. meteorologist rose maria orozco in tonight for mark to tell us what kind of weather we can expect for your holiday
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weekend. >> good evening to you. we continue with showers falling over the bay area and in some spots even getting a little bit of a soaking. take a look at coastline. we have got had a that band of rain that continue moves up the coast from monterey into half moon bay. i put arrows where i see two organized lines of showers that will continue to move east. if you are dry at the moment eventually you may see showers slide ovyour air. picking up anywhere from .5 r- 5" to .8" with this cell here, but it does continue to move to the north. so half moon bay isn't going to be sitting under that cell for too much longer. you can see san francisco covered in light rain as well as we shift ally bit tost east. we have light runs over fremont, milpitas and how about into the inner east bay? rain falling over antioch and fairfield, light to moderate rain for you. north bay, scattered showers
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have continued over a portions of the afternoon and now into the evening hours. some areas picking up fi 1/1th so so far and i will bring you totals crowning in a little bit. i want to show you a wide view of what is happening here. you can see the system off the coastline and how and why these bands of showers continue to move through. eventually the center of that storm is going to be over the bay area and that is when we'll see the best chance for thunderstorms, the lightning and possibilities of thundas well as hail and brief downpours. so i'm going outline for you and show you what can you expect for easter sunday and help you plan that easter-egg hunt coming up. breaking news that we're following right now in oakland. an alameda countyset has been shot. this just happened near 33rd avenue and san leandro street authorities tell us that a deputy and suspect were wounded. the deputy was wounded in the foot.
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the suspect is in custody. we have a crew on-the-scene and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. more than 40 years after the last u.s. combat troops left vietnam a new memorial was unveiled in the south bay to honor those killed during had a war. ktvu's john sasaki was in san josi, where soldiers' families told him about the importance of that monument. >> reporter: in dramatic tribute a vietnam- error helicopter flew over the any san josi vietnam memorial. >> it's important to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the men and women who served during that era. >> reporter: hundreds came together to honor the 142 men known as the sons of san josi. >> who sacrificed their lives fighting for the freedom and ideas of our country. >> reporter: the crowd was moved as the memorial was unveiled. then all the names were honored individually. >> lance corporal steven walters, jr.. marine corps. >> one of those who died was
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20-year-old kenneth dahl and his sister was there honoring both him and their brother jason dahl the captain the united 93 that crashed in pennsylvania on 9/11. >> i'm so proud of both of them. it's been over the years, i'm so proud of their service to our country. >> reporter: what do you think? >> you just don't think about it, you feel it. >> reporter: after the ceremony ended loved ones and vietnam veterans got the chance to get close to those they had lost. >> i grew up in the barrio of east san josi and they were poor like me. >> the last american troop left vietnam 40 years ago yesterday since the ceremony ended there has been a steady
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stream of people stopping by to look at memorial and appreciate its message. in san josi, john sasaki, ktvu fans. at sat van pope francis led a solemn vigil as he prepares for his first easter mass as pope. >> the vigil reflects the period between the crucifixion and christ's resurrection on easter sunday. pope francis continues to make it his mark as pontoff. pontsiv. tomorrow thousands are expected to gather in st. peter's square. the church of the holy sepulchre is considered the holliest christian site in the world. in his weekly address president obama wished americans a joyous easter and passover
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and reflected on faith and family. >> in the midst of all our busy and noisy live these holy days afford us the precious opportunity to slow down and spend some quiet moments in prayer and reflection. >> the president says he hoped that american of all faiths would be able to embrace loved ones and give thank for their blessings. more than 35,000 people will join the first family for games, stories and liver music. and more controversy surrounding the million dollar reward offered in the case of ex-land officer christopher dorner. . plus the clock is ticking for sacramento, what the city's mayor needs now to try to keep the kings in the state capital? the 10:00 news continues in just 90 seconds. i bought the last one. nice try. says right herean get one for $199 a month. you can't believe the e-stream media, gary. they're all gone. maybe i'll get one.
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. two people were hurt after a pick-up truck crashed in vallejo and plunged into a canal. the accident happened about:30 this morning one man was taken to the hospital with internal injuries and the other man had minority injury. highway patrol is investigating a crash in san josi that left a man trapped in his suv. police say the man in his early 20s was approaching southbound highway 87 around 3:00 this
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morning when his suv hit the center divide and flipped onto its side. firefighters had to get the drive out through the windshield before taking him to the hospital. highway patrol is looking to see if alcohol or distracted driving was a factor in the crash. the navy released the name of the navy seal who died during a parachute training accident in arizona. he has been identified as 31-year- old special warfare officer officer shadle of pennsylvania. a spokesman for the command said shadle and another seal collided in midair. the other seal was injured. shadle was a highly decorated member of seal team 6 and served in iraq and afghanistan. of course member of seal team 6 carried out the raid that killed al-qaeda leader osama bin laden in may of 2011. los angeles police have
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named a suspect in the kipping of a 10-year-old girl. police say summers has a lengthy criminal history. the girl's mother reported her missing early wednesday morning and later that afternoon a man spotted a girl with bruises and scratch beside simple miles from her home. police believe she was dropped outside of a nearby hospital. a second major donor has now pulled out of the $1 million reward fund offer in the christopher dornerer case. the peace officer's research association of california says it's rescinding it's $50,000 reward offer because dorner was never arrested, tried or convicted for killing two civilian and two police officers. authorities say dorner took his own life during a standoff. the city of riverside announced last week it too was pulling the $100,000 it had contributed to that same reward pool for the very season. today we got word of a tentative deal that could pave the way for sweeping immigration reform bill in the
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u.s. senate. the president of the afl-cio said labor and business agreed on a framework for a visa program for low-skilled workers. immigrants could look for work in industries including construction, hotels and restaurants and nursing homes. the w visa program would eventually allow a maximum of 200,000 workers a year. workers would get the same wage as usa citizen and be able to change jobs and they could seek permanent residency.. members of the world- renowned san francisco symphony gave a new concert as they returned to the bargabling table with federal mediators in dispute overpay and benefits. noelle walker live in the city with what the performance was all about. >> reporter: heather, the mediation talks are going on right now and the concert was both public relations and music therapy in
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harmony. silent for weeks members of san francisco symphony made some noise. ♪[ music ] . beautiful noise. the musicians have been on strike for more than two weeks, but tonight they breathed life into the notes making them dance off the page and waft through temp the sherith. >> i love the fact had they are taking their own time to play for the public. but i think they deserve every penny they are asking for. >> reporter: donna candelori and the overeverfamily were first in line for the free concert. >> awesome. i would rather come to this. >> reporter: we got early access. as players tuned their instruments. >> do you want to run it again. >> reporter: and got in a last rehearsal. >> they gave me two scores and i had to learn them really quickly and you know, try to stay with them. >> reporter: you could dual it music therapy
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for the public and the musicians. >> just looking down and seeing people in the audience with their eyes closed swaying to the music, you know, they need it? >> reporter: an pinsker has played cello for the sympathy for 30 years. she would rather have a bow in her hand than time when the strike will hit its last note no one is sure, but if tonight's free concert, the applause is payment enough. [ applause ] >> reporter: now i talked with the spokesman for the symphony management a short time ago this evening and he wouldn't characterize how the negotiations are going, but he did say that he is hopeful there will be an end to the strike soon. noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news. sacramento mayor kevin johnson is said to meet next week with nba officials will keeping the kings in california and hopes to go to new york with names of 10,000 fans
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pledging to buy season tickets if the team stays in town and tonight the mayor is very close to reaching his goal. as of 9:30, 9262 fans made the pledge on the website on wednesday the nba is set to consider that proposal along with one from another investment group that wants to move the team to seattle. president obama took a little break from his official business today to take in someg beat marquette to advance to the final 4 of the ncaa tournament. the president sat in the luxury box and also shook some hands with fellow fans. meantime, both cal and stanford women played today, hoping to meet each other in the ncaa regional final coming up on monday. our joe fonzi has all the items coming up a little later in
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sportswrap. there is word that former south african president nelson mandela is able to breathe without difficulty. he remains hospitalized tonight. madena was in the hospital for nearly three weeks in december with lung problems and gallstones. he became south africa's first black president in 1984 and remains immensely popular for his role in bringing an end to apartheid. grammy award-winning engineer and producer phil ramone has died. died. ♪[ music ] >> thats with wan of the songs ramone worked on with billy joel. he died this morning from complications stemming from heart surgery he had last month. he was 79. several musicians post couldn't lenses, including bette midler who wrote "phil ramone,
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a guidant in the recording word, kind beyond order," thousands of patients of one oral surgeon play have contracted a deadly disease. the tests underway of the unsanitary conditionses that put thousands at risk. hundreds of terrified tourists evacuated from the eiffel tower. the reason it was shut down for hours today. >> coming up how long the rain will fall and what you can expect for your holiday?
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we are all reflections of the people who came before us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going.
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. a toddler is among those with critical injuries tonight after a car jumped a curb and crashed into scaffolding in brooklyn. eight people were on the sidewalk and they were hurt as well as the driver and a passenger in the vehicle. the pedestrian were standing near a bus stop. police say the driver lost control after swerving to avoid another vehicle. state health officials in
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oklahoma are urging more than 7,000 people to newgo tests after inspectors turned up unsanitary conditions at an oriole surgeon's office. former patients are expected to be tested for hiv and hepatitis one young patient spoke of her fears. >> if i get sick, like, i could be sick for a long time, you know? i just -- it just freaks me out a little knowing this could kill me. >> oral surgeon has involvely stop practicing, but at this point he faces no chargeses and it could take up to two weeks if the former patients learn if they are infected. in kenya violent protest aerupt after the supreme court upheld the ereluctance of huru kenyatta as the next president. at least two people were killed in the demonstrations, despite an appeal for calm from
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kenyatta's challenger of the kenyatta is facing charges in the international criminal court of the hague. in pakistan a middle school graduation ceremony was cut short when someone threw a grenade into the co-ed school, killing the principal and wounding eight teachers and students. this is just the latest in a string of attacks on educators, believed to be the work of islamic militants opposed to educating girls and women. an ambush in january killed five female teachers and just last week a teenager at an all girls school was shot and killed in front her young son as she walked to school. in paris 1400 people were evacuated from the eiffel tower today, after someone phoned in a bomb threat. dogs trained to sniff out explosives were brought in, but no suspicious objects were found. the all-clear was given two hours later after people were
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hustled out of the popular tourist. in new mexico 40 years after fate brought a tiny baseball together with a soldier in war-ravaged vietnam. [ applause ] >> in 1972 tran quoc bao then a south vietnamese soldier rescued another soldier who was holding onto a bundle. >> i pulled off the towel over the hat and saw this little tiny baby in the hat. >> the tiny baby girl was rescued from the arms of her dead mother and bao named the babeyun and brought her to an orphanage. the two say they intend to travel back to vietnam together. well, still to come much
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more on the breaking news that we're following right now in oakland. a shooting has left a sheriff's deputy wounded. plus training for an active shooter on a school campus? they have been doing it for more than a decade and why this east bay police department says it's important to keep practicing. plus another kind of drill in san francisco, the natural disaster the city wants people to be ready for. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. we have an update on that breaking news out of oakland, an alameda county sheriff's deputy was hurt during a traffic stop in east oakland. authorities are now telling us that the driver sped off, dragging the deputy a couple of blocks. shots were fired. the deputy has been taken to the hospital.
10:30 pm
the suspect is in custody. no word on the deputy's condition right now. ktvu's jade hernandez is arriving on the scene and we'll have a live report coming up in a few minutes. in the east bay, dozen of police officers practiced at abelementary school for emergency drill had they hope will never happen. this morning three bay area police departments used castro elementary school to train for a scenario where an active shooter is on a school campus. el cerrito, novato and contra costa county officers got training. >> this training we have been taking part in since all the way back to columbine, but as our agency grows it's important that we tampa bay that style the training. >> police say it's at key component of the dext's yearlong focus on preparing for any active shooting situations in the community. perhaps the greatest natural threat to the bay area is a massive earthquake.
10:31 pm
but as ktvu's allie rasmus shows us san francisco officials want residents to know about another earthquake- related danger, tsunamis. >> reporter: if a massive wave came crashing down on ocean beach, most people know which way they would run. >> definitely east. definitely east and get away from the ocean. >> reporter: but how far would you have to go to be safe? >> as far as mapping out a route from here to there, i can't say i have ever done it or even considered it. >> reporter: that is what these signs are for. >> anyplace in an inundation zone has signs up so that residents, neighbors and visitors who know what to do. >> reporter: coastal inned andations zones and in march of 2011, santa cruz took the brunt of the impact. >> santa cruz because it is closed in, you know? the u-shape it is is much more vulnerable than we are.
10:32 pm
that being said we want people to be prepared because you never know. >> reporter: if a tsunami struck the san francisco coast, you may not be able to call 911. >> because we're going to be business busy repairing waters lines. >> we might we able to do first aid and light search-and-rescue. >> reporter: recommendation is to be self- reliant for 72 hours. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 65 convicted felons have been grabbed clemency by governor felon brown. this is the second time in the
10:33 pm
last year that governor has announced his pardons the day before a major christian holiday. if you would like to take a look at the complete list of pardons visit our website, and click on "hot topics," state lawmakers plan to take up a bill next week to make it easier to discipline and fire teach accused misconduct. ill bill was listed by alamo assemblywoman joann buchanan. coverage's largest teachers union is backing this measure. buchanan's new measure would still allow a panel of teachers and a judge to resolve disputes. still to come we'll have a live report from oakland where a sheriff's deputy has just been shot. also rain has already made its way to the bay area. we'll check back with in our meteorologist rosemary orozco with what t in your
10:34 pm
neighborhood tomorrow.
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. back now to that breaking news out of oakland we're getting word an alameda county sheriff's deputies has been injured after a traffic stop in east oakland. ktvu's jade hernandez just arrived on scene near the fruitvale bart station. jade, what can you tell us? >> reporter: ken, we can tell you that that sheriff's deputies is going to be all right tonight. we hear he injured his foot. san leandro street, we're live at bart station. and this station has been shut down. all the streets around it and this is what we know right now. several blocks of san leandro street are blocked off and many areas around bart as well. every weekend for the past two months the alameda county sheriff's office has will five patrols with two sheriff's deputies patrolling the streets of oakland to help the oakland
10:37 pm
police department until it builds up its department with new officers. tonight one of those deputies pulled over a ford suv in a regular traffic stop. they arrested a passenger on drug possession. in the process of arresting the passenger, the driver drove away dragging an officer with him for two blocks down san leandro street. as the officer struggled to get out his gun, in the struggle he shot the driver. they don't know if he wounded himself, but he did wind up with an injured foot. the driver was also injured when he crashed the suv. the deputy was helped into an ambulance, but we're told right now he was conscious and talking. as i mentioned san leonardo street is roped off for several blocks. oakland police have taken over this investigation. bart police are out here, but i can tell you right now that
10:38 pm
sheriff's deputy who was involved in the routine traffic stop, he is all right tonight. we're reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> so you don't know whether the deputy was shot in the foot or not. >> reporter: it's not clear because's was struggling with the driver he tried to pull out his gun and they don't know if he wound up shooting himself for there was an exchange of gunfire between the sheriff's deputies and the driver. >>and is the bart station closed or open? >> reporter: as far as i can tell the streets to the bartz station are closed. we haven't hear a drain go by, so i'm not quite sure, but when we arrived, arriving 10-15 minutes ago and got all of this information as it was coming in, but as soon as we find out we'll check back with you. >>. >> thank you, jade. we want to check on this
10:39 pm
very important easter forecast coming up tomorrow. lots of people planning their easter-egg hunts and let's check in with rosemary orozco. >> we have showers and even thunderstorms. let's take a look at where it is raining right now. half moon bay really coming down at times. in the last three hours half moon bay has managed to collect bt collect .25" of rain. the bands continue to move from south to north. i am seeing an organized line in the inner east bay and an organized line along the coast. even though that cell we pointed out to you over half moon bay has moved on, we have more developing here. so this amount of rain anywhere from .25" to .5" can fall in an hour's time. but it's going continue to move to the north. this line of showers is going to stick with us least through the next hour as it continues to move to the north. and eventually to the east. we're seeing light rain over
10:40 pm
san francisco. pretty widespread at this point, down into areas along the peninsula. and into the south bay. milpitas, fremont and the inner east bay, livermore, pleasanton, fairfield reporting a little bit of lightning and thunder. pitburgpittsburg and antioch seeing light rain. so this is what we're going to be contending with over the next few hours and into tomorrow. here is the system that is still almost 400 miles off the coast. it's going to shift closer to the coast as we sleep and by tomorrow afternoon it will be sliding over us. that is when we'll have the most unstable air in place. and so the best chance at thunderstorms is going to be in
10:41 pm
the afternoon tomorrow. how much rainfall have we seen so much today? .01th in oakland. .06th in santa cruz mountains tonight, this is going to be pretty widespread, the rain, but tomorrow morning we get a little bit of a break. 10:00, still mainly dry. maybe a few pop up showerses, but into the afternoon, scattered showers are going to return and now into the evening hours as you can see that is going to continue. we're going to be wet throughout tomorrow, but it looks like through the morning hours we'll have our best chance at seeing a break in the showers and rain. for tomorrow morning, temperatures very similar to how we woke up this morning. widespread 50s in the forecast, 60s in the afternoon and your extended forecast showing you again tomorrow morning, looks to be the driest part of the day as we get into the afternoon, the possibilities of showerses had, thunderstorms, clearing out by monday morning and we're dry for a few dayses
10:42 pm
with another chance of rain coming in on thursday. >> all right, thank you. >> you can check in on mornings on 2 to the forecast. >> we got word that the bart station at fruitvale station is open. >> all right. sportswrap is coming up next.
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